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Mid-Size AG 95-135HP


M6-101- Packed with a 104.5 HP Kubota diesel engine, the M6-101 gives you the power to get more done. And because the M6 Series sprays the engine’s hot exhaust with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), transforming the exhaust into harmless water vapor and nitrogen, you can feel better about whatever it is you’re doing. Cleaner engines that don’t sacrifice power — now that’s a win-win.

M6-111- Experience hard work made easier in the quiet atmosphere of an M6-111 Grand X Cab. Standing 65.5″ by 61.4″, you’ll have more head and legroom for an increased level of comfort and greater visibility. And, with a powerful, cleaner-running 114.1 HP Kubota diesel engine, you won’t be sacrificing power for operator comfort.

M6-131- Engineered with a cleaner-running 131.6 HP engine, the M6-131 mid-size ag tractor is packed with all the durability you expect from Kubota. All M6 models include the 24F/24R Intelli-Shift transmission, featuring an 8-speed powershift with a 3-speed, hi/mid/low range for 24 gears in forward and reverse. Plus, more comfort than you would imagine in the spacious Grand X Cab.

M6-141- Take full advantage of the largest M6 Series model, the M6-141, equipped with a powerfully dependable, cleaner-running 141.4 HP Kubota diesel engine and 24F/24R Intelli-Shift transmission. This mid-size utility ag tractor delivers performance with control and maneuverability as well as helpful features such as the tilt and telescopic power steering, Kubota-exclusive, bevel-gear front axle and Work Kruise.

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M100GX- With one of the largest cabs in its class, this mid-size ag tractor offers unparalleled comfort and visibility. Plus, all of the power and maneuverability you could ask for. Packed with a 100 HP Kubota diesel engine, it’s ready to face the hard work head on so you have the confidence to do the same.

M110GX- Next time you’re called to brave the elements, settle in to your own custom climate in a luxury Kubota Grand X Cab, equipped with a rear window defogger and high-efficiency heating and air conditioning. Plus, with an eco-friendly Interim Tier 4 Kubota diesel engine, you’ll feel good about making the hardest work seem so easy.

M126GX- The M126GX is packed full of powerful reasons to make one yours. Equipped with an eco-friendly 125 HP Kubota diesel engine, rugged Intelli-Shift transmission, the tightest turning radius in the industry, up to 9,447 lbs. of lift capacity, plus one of the largest operator cabs in its class — you’ll want to see this for yourself.

M135GX- When we built the most powerful tractor in the Grand X Series, we had three things in mind — comfort, quality and innovative performance. We checked off comfort with a luxury Grand X Cab, quality with a 135 HP Kubota diesel engine and frame design, and innovative performance with a host of hardworking features. It’s one powerful solution to all your tough jobs.

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M108S- Powered by a proven Kubota 108 HP diesel engine, available with an all-weather cab, and built from the hardest working materials around, the M108S is a mid-size ag workhorse packed full of high-performance and lasting durability. Plus, working with a full line of performance-matched implements is made easy thanks to a standard Category II, 3-point hitch with up to 7,490 lbs. lift capacity.

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