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26.0 – 59.0 Gross HP

For loader, backhoe, and other applications, nothing beats the Loader/Landscaper Series tractors. Both tractor/loader and tractor/loader/backhoe merge power, compact or power utility size, and versatility to offer incredible performance when trenching, landscaping, material handling, and more.

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From landscaping to construction, experience maximum versatility in Kubota’s B26TLB utility tractor. Loaded with a 26 HP Kubota diesel engine, standard 4-Wheel Drive and sloped loader arms and hood designed for improved visibility on the work site, the B26 takes productivity to the next level.

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Experience relentless productivity with Kubota’s L39TLB utility tractor. Equipped with a 39 HP (Gross) Kubota diesel engine, exclusive Glide Shift Transmission (GST) for increased loader production and standard 4-Wheel Drive – the L39 will prove to be the hardest working member on the crew.

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The Kubota L45TLB utility tractor redefines versatility with rugged performance and intuitive design. Ready to work with a 45 HP Kubota diesel engine, smooth HST Plus transmission and standard 4-Wheel Drive, the L45 is built to bring it day after day.

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Introducing the most powerful Kubota TLB Series utility tractor yet. The M59 packs a superior 59 HP Kubota diesel engine, smooth Featherstep HST transmission and standard 4-Wheel Drive. Get more done on the job site with deeper digging depths and greater lift capacity.

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