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Deluxe Utility 52-95HP


M5-091- The M5-091 has been redesigned inside and out for greater productivity and cleaner emissions. A new available extra-wide, ultra-spacious cab features more arm and legroom and a glass sunroof with retractable sunshade for maximum visibility. Plus, a 92.5 HP Kubota diesel engine and fully re-engineered exhaust system keep you working cleaner without compromising power.

M5-111- On top of a powerful 105.6 HP Kubota diesel engine, the M5-111 comes with a choice of three transmission options to provide you with the low-hassle tractor performance you need. Enjoy a handful of new features, like a Kubota-exclusive, bevel-gear front axle for easy handling and maneuverability. Plus, work comfortably from the available all-new Ultra Grand Cab II with even more space and rounded glass for maximum visibility.

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M6060- With 63.5 HP packed into a Tier 4 Final compliant Kubota diesel engine, you’ll experience more torque at low RPMs with less emissions and better fuel economy. That’s a win for performance and efficiency. Plus, plan on staying productive despite the weather when you work from the comfort of an available climate-controlled cab.

M7060- The M7060 gets to work with a 71 HP Kubota diesel engine, rugged hydraulic shuttle transmission and state-of-the-art external hydraulic cylinders for 3,307 lbs. of lifting capacity. All that power, plus a spacious operator platform or available cab, makes Kubota’s M7060 the standard in high-productivity utility tractors.

M8560- Work hard while being gentle on the environment with a powerful 85.5 HP Kubota diesel engine that complies with the latest Interim Tier 4 emissions standards. Plus, maintain more control of engine RPM with the all-new electronic governor, keeping your engine revolution constant with the push of a button.

M9960- Get 100 HP of power and Kubota Interim Tier 4 peace of mind when you work from the largest M60 Series model available. Designed for more space and better visibility, the view from an available all-weather cab offers minimal obstruction with rounded glass and a curved upper windshield. When it comes to comfort, power and productivity – the choice is clear.

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M5140- Packed with a powerful 52 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, smooth-shifting 8F/8R speed transmission and more, this deluxe utility tractor is full of big features built to tackle the toughest jobs. Plus, enjoy the comfort of an available all-weather, ultra grand cab with deluxe tilt-back seat.

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