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Sharonspringsgarage_Kubota_B2650_ROPB2650 ROPS

Meet the top compact tractor in its class: Kubota’s B2650 ROPS model boasts a new, cleaner-emission Kubota diesel engine, clutch-less HST transmission and endless potential. Try one and see.

Sharonspringsgarage_Kubota_B2650_CabB2650 Cab

This is the compact tractor you’ve been waiting for – complete with a comfortable, quiet, factory-installed cab. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in that deluxe suspension seat.

Sharonspringsgarage_Kubota_B3350_ROPB3350 ROPS

Your time is just as valuable as your property. Kubota’s B3350 ROPS compact tractor takes good care of both with next-generation power, performance and versatility.

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Sharonspringsgarage_Kubota_B3350_CabB3350 Cab

Take that, Mother Nature: Kubota’s B3350 Cab model lets you work in ergonomic, climate-controlled comfort no matter the weather. All the more reason to get even more done.

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Features of the B50 Cab

Cleaner Emission Diesel Engines

The B50 series diesel engines are built for greater power with cleaner emissions. The B3350’s liquid-cooled E-TVCS (Emissions – Three Vortex Combustion System) engine delivers increased power and high torque for all the tractor strength you need, while significantly lowering emissions. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler reduces emissions to make it compliant with the latest Tier 4 Final emission regulation.

New Integrated Cab Design

The B50 series is the first tractor in its class to employ an integrated cab. The cab and overfenders are integrally welded to the body’s sheet metal parts which allows for a 4-pillar construction with rounded glass that delivers more cab space and a wider field of view. The integrated design also eliminates holes in the floor for the pedals for an environment that minimizes noise and unwanted dust from entering the cab for greater comfort.

Spacious Quiet Cab

The B50 series brings maximum comfort to the operator thanks to the new integrated cab. The 4-pilar design with rounded glass offers more space and panoramic views of your surroundings. Doors open wide for easier entry into and exit from the cab. Comfort is also enhanced through better noise insulation for a quieter interior. The interior includes a storage compartment, cup holder, a pocket for an operator’s manual and tool box, all within arm’s reach.

Dust-resistant Cab

Keep your cab clean and almost dust-free even after long hours of work. The new integrated cab moves the pedal connections from the floor to to the steering column to eliminate any holes in floor. The cab is constructed to minimize unwanted dust from entering inside.

Deluxe Suspension Seat

The new suspension seat is specially designed to absorb shock reducing operator fatigue to make your ride comfortable even under extremely harsh conditions. Arm rests are standard equipment for added comfort.

Air Conditioner

With the rounded cab and strategically placed air vents that optimize air circulation. The air conditioner keeps you cooler on hot days and the heater keeps warmer on cold days for year-round environment comfort.

CAB Features

A. Front Storage Compartment
B. Front Wiper
C. Hanger
D. Arm Rest
E. Tilt Steering Wheel

Fuel Tank Filler

The fuel tank filler has been shifted from the center to the right side of the hood to make filling easier.

Features of the B50 ROPS

PTO Power

The B50 series provides the extra strength required for tough tasks with 19.5 and 27 HP, the highest PTO horsepower ever for a B-Series tractor.

Telescoping Stabilizers

Easily adjust the horizontal sway of the implement by aligning and setting the pin in the proper hole.


The offset Mid-PTO allows quick installation and removal of the mid-count mower.

Hydraulic Power Steering

This feature provides nimble handling while greatly reducing fatigue during prolonged operation.

One Piece Metal Hood

The front grill and newly designed headlamps are now integrated with the hood for easier opening and closing and more convenient access to the engine.